Dans son discours de noël 2016, nous voyons des similitudes étonnantes entre Poutine et Trump, qui semblent tous deux reconnaître le fait que les nouvelles puissances de l'ordre mondial sont alignées sur des États souverains alignés contre le christianisme, alignés sur la morale traditionnelle et alignés sur la famille.


I followed a formation of analyst programmer, of office automation, of computer maintenance. I am besides professor of music, option classic piano. In the complex school where I am professor of data processing and music, I established an Excel file of management of the notes of the pupils. But before already in an enterprise of the place, I established a software for the raise of the inactive customers to basis of Delphis and SQL requests. I established a Windev software of restaurant management. And I am titular of a Master in Liberal arts, whose topic carried on ‘ The Music Therapy as pastoral accompaniment tool: case post traumatic ‘. Currently I work a lot on the development of the computer sites. My team and I be trust to contribute to the emergence of your enterprise.

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